Scarborough Fare Culinary Hemp is the world’s first “invisibly flavored culinary hemp”! Developed by famed cannabis Chef, JeffThe420Chef, Culinary hemp is made with 100% US grown hemp flower which is put through a proprietary process based in molecular gastronomy. This process remove the compounds responsible for the hemp odor and flavor and then invisibly flavors the flower with the essence of the finest natural herbs without and chemicals or additives. This process produces a clean hemp flower that is naturally chock full of CBD. It has been lab tested and is clean, pesticide free and microbe free.

Scarborough Fare is the perfect way to consume naturally occurring CBD with Hemp flower that tastes and smells just like your favorite herbs. Scarborough Fare culinary hemp herbs are pre-decarbed for edible consumption and perfectly dosed for a consistency great edibles experience.


This product was born out of Jeff’s mission, to make the hemp consumption experience delicious, simple and easy for everyone.